Monday, October 31, 2011

Incubation Day 14

Well today is the half way point.  The 3 eggs I put in last Wednesday two have veins in them so they will be a baby duck to.  That gives us Baby, Molly, Emma, and Joey.  I am waiting to see if the other one has anything in it .  I have 7 days left until the chicken eggs hatch out. Well suppose to hatch out.  I got two more coolers yesterday and I am taking on and making it a brood box, the other cooler I am turning into another incubator.  This way I can have a big one and a little one.  I put a new perch in the chicken coop that is all wood runners instead of metal, which the metal okay they used it but now that it is getting colder I thought about it and thought their feet may freeze so I took it out and built a new one.  I fixed a spot in the chicken coop for the ducks when they get bigger, and moved the nest boxes to give the chickens more room.

Tonight was Halloween, and we took the kids out to do some trick or treating and got him and got them to bed and now we are watching a movie until it is time to turn the eggs and them it is bed time.  Tomorrow I have to get up and turn the eggs, and go pay my house payment and get some feed for the animals, and be home before 2 in the afternoon so I can turn the eggs again.

14/28  days left   --------   14 days left to go for the duck eggs
14/21  days left   ---------   7 days left for the chicken eggs

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