Oreo is a male duck that came from a Pekin male and the mom is 3/4 Pekin and a 1/4 blue  Crested Swedish Duck.  Oreo's mom's mom is 1/2 Pekin and 1/2 Blue Crested Swedish duck.  How he came out Black we will never know.  He has grown into a wonder and handsome man.  Can't wait to see what his off spring look like.

February 4, 2013 

This is my big boy Oreo now.  He is a year old and the main drake in the flock.  We are doing some renovations and moving some ducks around because we have two flocks and want to keep them both but the cayugas needs to be kept separate so they can stay a clean breed. 

This is Oreo and 2 of his females he has 5 hens in his flock but 2 of them are cayugas so they are being separated to another pen for egg collection until summer when our new cayuga drake is old enough to breed.  Daffy is Oreo's son from Stripes up at the top.