Saturday, December 29, 2012

Molly is home

Here is Molly from back in January of 2012

I promise Molly is bigger then she looks in this picture her sides aren't like that.  I can't seem to get a good picture of her ever.  She was dropped off at our 4-H leaders farm to get breed 2 and a half months ago and we both lost track of time and I went and got her today and she was twice the size she was when I dropped her off.  after we talked and figured out how long she had been there she would have had 2 heats depending on if she took the first time or not.  If she took in November she is due in April, if she didn't take until December she is due May.  He said there is no reason she shouldn't have breed and he said we should be getting calico babies, which would be cool because his female that looks like this had calico's and boy oh boy are they eye catching.  I am excited to see the babies if she is pregnant, I also can't wait for the milk.  Wonder how she is going to milk.

Here is a better picture she don't look skinny this way.  She is wider then she was when I dropped her off.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Additions

Well we have new updates and we will have new pictures soon.  We finally had another skunk duck I have sexed it and it is a female.  Which means the skunk duck I have has a girl friend.  We will have babies from skunky and skunket next spring.  I will post pictures in the next couple days of our new additions.

Well Skunkette was taken from us by an owl last month.  I have pictures of Skunky and he has turned out to be a very beautiful drake.

If he flaps his wings you really get to see the stripe down his back.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Due Date approaching

Well the Muscovy eggs are due to hatch on the 21st.  we have just a few days to hatch day.  Will post pictures once something happens.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meet our new Flocks of Maran's

They will be separated once they get older.  I will have a true Blue Copper Maran flock and a true Black Copper Maran flock.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well we have been upgrading the last couple of days and it has been a lot of work and very tiring.  Here are some of the new upgrades.  We are still working on finishing the upgrades but these are done.

The Muscovy Pen.  

The pen for the chickens and ducks that are mixed

The fence that will stop them from going to the pig pen

Oreo (Black duck) his tail is finally curling and his mate.

Our new rooster Freckles

Skunky is growing up

Our only baby Quail that hatched out, it's name is Uno.

3 baby chicks

The Mucovy pen is really long and they fly in it but it has a net over it.

Oreo, Aflac, Marshmellow ( yellow puff head), the blue one is not named yet.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


On March 8, 2012 we had our little Skunky hatch out.  With Oreo we were saying a crow got in the duck house and crossed with the duck, but now we are laughing because a skunk got in to the duck house and crossed.

Skunky will be a white duck with a blue or grey stripe down his back.  He also has blue or grey spots on his head.  On his feet the middle toe on each foot has a blue stripe on them.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on Oreo

I have an update for Oreo.  I noticed today that Oreo has black feathers that his body and head have a green sheen to them.  I also noticed that his wings have a blue, purple, and second color green sheen to them as well.  

This is a yellow duck that will be white but he only one that has a big puff on his head.  He is so cute.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


 Well lets start with this the beauty of Arkansas.  This was taken last night 1/18/2012.  I couldn't help but take it I was taken by it.
 This is one of 2 of our Barred Rocks.  She is at the top of this blog.  The picture at the top is her before she was laying and this is her now laying a beautiful egg everyday.
These 2 I have named Sonny and Cher.  Because all they got is each other.  I see them right now and think of the song I got you babe.  Sonny is nice and white and clean now.  he has a bath every morning now and so does Cher.  On Cher you can actually see the green sheen she has on her wings.  There wings are growing out now so you really can't see the feather that have been cut to much.
 I put the baby out here this morning since it is about 60 degrees today.  The others were eating so they didn't pick on him to much he just kind of joined the group.  Baby should be a girl.
 This is Puff Puff.  Puff puff was stolen the night before last, it really hurt my sons feelings and no it is not an animal it is a person they tore up the door that was shut and nailed shut.  She is starting to get head feathers on her face so she looks a little crappy.  We love her any way.  Can't wait to see what she looks like when she gets all feathered.  I know she will look like the other ducks that the eggs came from but it is different when you watch them grow up and see the ugly and then the pretty.
 Here is Oreo all grown up, all feathered out.  He has a green and blue sheen on his feathers.  His tail hasn't curled yet but that should happen soon.  He should be a man in  March or April.  We still have This duck.
 This is Puff Puff again and her back.  You can see where she still has to get her feathers.
 This is Puff Puff and Daisy Duck.  We were calling her Donald because I thought she was a he, but he is really a she.  She is no longer yellow she is White, well an off white.  We still have Daisy the white one in the picture the blue Puff Puff was stolen.
 Oreo with Baby.  I think they found a worm.

 Puff eating lunch.
Here is Molly back home and I think pregnant.  She is acting totally different since we brought her home.  I am hoping she is pregnant.