Thursday, January 19, 2012


 Well lets start with this the beauty of Arkansas.  This was taken last night 1/18/2012.  I couldn't help but take it I was taken by it.
 This is one of 2 of our Barred Rocks.  She is at the top of this blog.  The picture at the top is her before she was laying and this is her now laying a beautiful egg everyday.
These 2 I have named Sonny and Cher.  Because all they got is each other.  I see them right now and think of the song I got you babe.  Sonny is nice and white and clean now.  he has a bath every morning now and so does Cher.  On Cher you can actually see the green sheen she has on her wings.  There wings are growing out now so you really can't see the feather that have been cut to much.
 I put the baby out here this morning since it is about 60 degrees today.  The others were eating so they didn't pick on him to much he just kind of joined the group.  Baby should be a girl.
 This is Puff Puff.  Puff puff was stolen the night before last, it really hurt my sons feelings and no it is not an animal it is a person they tore up the door that was shut and nailed shut.  She is starting to get head feathers on her face so she looks a little crappy.  We love her any way.  Can't wait to see what she looks like when she gets all feathered.  I know she will look like the other ducks that the eggs came from but it is different when you watch them grow up and see the ugly and then the pretty.
 Here is Oreo all grown up, all feathered out.  He has a green and blue sheen on his feathers.  His tail hasn't curled yet but that should happen soon.  He should be a man in  March or April.  We still have This duck.
 This is Puff Puff again and her back.  You can see where she still has to get her feathers.
 This is Puff Puff and Daisy Duck.  We were calling her Donald because I thought she was a he, but he is really a she.  She is no longer yellow she is White, well an off white.  We still have Daisy the white one in the picture the blue Puff Puff was stolen.
 Oreo with Baby.  I think they found a worm.

 Puff eating lunch.
Here is Molly back home and I think pregnant.  She is acting totally different since we brought her home.  I am hoping she is pregnant.

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  1. All the ducks are so cute. Molly is a pretty girl... I've got 2 does due in May :)