Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well it is 2012 and the world is still in motion and nothing exploded, so I guess the world will not be ending just yet.  I had a duck hatch last night and one die half way out.  I have a chick hatching now and a chick going to hatch and 3 ducks due on the 4th.  I still have my New Years Resolution list and I have added to the list.  Like I said I only do a bunch of little things and maybe one big thing this year.  I hope but I am not counting on it.

Well I have a new Years Resolution list. 
1.  Out of all the chickens that I hatch out I am only keeping the Buff Orpingtons, that way all I will have is Buff Orpingtons, Silkies, Blue, Black, Splash Orpingtons, and Maybe some easter eggers or Americana's.
2.  Make a pen for the silkies and Blue, black, Splash Orpintons. 
3.  Hatch Turkeys out with a few chickens. 
4. Loss weight, at least 10 pounds. 
5.  Have a beautiful garden. 
6.  Save money on raising our animals to eat. 
7.  Breed the goat and sell the babies. 
8.  Get the kids to the fair to show their chickens. 
9.  Less fights with husband. 
10.  Try and make money on selling some Muscovy ducks, chicks, Swedish ducks. 
11.  Have everyone in the house eat healthier. 
12.  Start saving to take a vacation, and make sure all the bills are paid up.
13.  Don't hatch anything out for 2013 until December.
14.  Don't loan money to anyone (we did this year and they never paid it back)
15.  Keep house cleaner, and laundry done.
16.  Keep yard clean.
17.  Spend more time with family.
18.  Keep desk and my room clean.
19.  Write more letters to brother-in-law, and maybe get a pen pal.

I think that is it for now.  I dropped the goat off this morning so she is being bred.  We should have babies in May.  I got rid of the rabbits today I just can't deal with so many things at once, and I couldn't keep the babies alive.  I have already got the section ready for the new coop all I have to do is put the fence up, and section off half the coop.  That way I can have the Blue, Black, Splash orpingtons can show half a coop and the other half will be the buff orpington, and the Silkie's I know exactally were they are going I just have to get some fence for them I am still a little short on fence.  I am so hoping the rest of the year goes as well or better then today.  Today was great and yesterday was great, just hope it keeps coming.

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