Monday, January 16, 2012

DuckNapping part 2

Well we haven't caught whoever is doing the napping of the ducks but I promise that they will have an enlightenment when they do.  I have 2 more ducks I will post pictures in a couple days because I have another hatching out and want to post them all at once.  I got a little yellow one that will be white but it has a very big puff on his head.  I also got another blue that hatched out but i would really like to have Crook Shank, Freckles and Baby back.  I have Oreo, Daisy duck, and Puff Puff, left.  i am not sure what to name the two new ones or the other one yet.  I also have a couple of chicks hatching out to so in a couple day I will have a bunch of pictures to post.

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