Saturday, December 29, 2012

Molly is home

Here is Molly from back in January of 2012

I promise Molly is bigger then she looks in this picture her sides aren't like that.  I can't seem to get a good picture of her ever.  She was dropped off at our 4-H leaders farm to get breed 2 and a half months ago and we both lost track of time and I went and got her today and she was twice the size she was when I dropped her off.  after we talked and figured out how long she had been there she would have had 2 heats depending on if she took the first time or not.  If she took in November she is due in April, if she didn't take until December she is due May.  He said there is no reason she shouldn't have breed and he said we should be getting calico babies, which would be cool because his female that looks like this had calico's and boy oh boy are they eye catching.  I am excited to see the babies if she is pregnant, I also can't wait for the milk.  Wonder how she is going to milk.

Here is a better picture she don't look skinny this way.  She is wider then she was when I dropped her off.


  1. Molly is a pretty girl... how old is she? Good luck, hope you see baby(s) in April. My Star is due in Feb. and My Tulip is due in March... then I have my almost 8 month old I'll breed in a few months.

    1. Well we are not sure. She was gave to us a year ago and was suppose to be pregnant and a year and a half old. She never had babies and we put her with a male for 2 weeks and she never had babies, this time we left her really by accident at our 4-H leaders house with his Nubian Billy goat and we all lost track of time and she stayed there 2 and a half months, he never separated Molly and his billy he left them together the whole time. He did tell us that is she don't have babies this time she won't have them. He said she would have had 2 heats in that time and and should have been breed one of those times so we are waiting. I have learned a lot from getting her. I have always drank goats milk because cows milk hurts my stomach. We have built her a new pen this year and house and bought hay to last her and the babies for quiet some time. My kids are learning how to care for her and they love her dearly and really want to show the babies. i know I have a lot to learn about goats and that is fine I love to learn, being 29 in February and a mother of 2 I love to learn new ways to save us money, since I can't really work a regular job due to my health. I love to read your blob about your chickens and goats and Flicka. I have started a flock of clean Blue Copper Maran's and cayuga ducks and a mixed breed of duck flock but the good thing about them is you never know what the ducks will look like when they hacth, and in another month I will have a flock of Black Copper Maran chickens. We have also got a flock of Mottled Japanese Bantam chickens and we are getting one more flock of Blue Milli Fleur Bantams. I have learned that selling eggs on ebay you can not only pay for the feed for the birds you can make money on it as well. I use the eggs for blown christmas ornaments, paper weights. I love your blogs and hope for the best at least now I know molly isn't that bad looking. She looks better in person then in pictures.