Friday, October 28, 2011

Incubation Day 11

Well the 2 duck eggs that are suppose to hatch in about 17 days, one has 1 dark spot whit is the embryo, but the other egg has 2 spots, and also when i candled the two eggs this morning I could see the spots move.  The egg with the 1 spot or embryo was moving around and going back and forth.  The other egg you can well you could see 1 yoke, plus this ladies ducks don't ever have double yoke eggs, but you can see 2 dark spots which I guess are the embryo's and yes they are moving around.  They are moving away from each other and toward each other and looks like having fun.  Are there two ducks in my egg or just one?  What does the 2 spots mean.
 This egg you can see the 2 little spots and no they do not move as one the move separately.

This egg has 1 spot and it moves to.

 More pictures of the ducks that laid the eggs.

This one has blue freckles on her beak

This is the mom to the two blue ones we know for sure.

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