Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Incubation Day 8

Well only 2 duck eggs have veins and embryo's so I think if nothing happens tonight or tomorrow I am going to take them out and put a couple more in there and hatch them out or see if the will hatch.  I am so excited I am going to have ducks and hopefully I have blue ducks.  I am going to go get pictures of their parents so everyone can see what the ducks that laid the eggs look like.

7: 25 p.m.

Here are pictures of the parents to the duck eggs.  We cracked the two duck eggs that didn't have any veins and sure enough there wasn't anything in them but a yoke, so in the morning we are going to watch and see which duck has what egg and mark them and when or if they hatch we will know what duck has what color off spring.  The mom to the two blue ones is the female with the blue bill the white duck in the middle in this first picture has blue freckles on her beak.  and the male is plain white.

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