Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Incubation Day 1

Well I have been researching the incubation of eggs from chickens, ducks, and turkeys online.  I am now going to put it to the test.  I took an old cooler and cut a hole in the top and a hole in the side.  The hole in the top I put a piece of glass over it and glued it so me and the kids can look in to it.  The hole in the side is for the light and it will help me regulate the temperature if I need to.  

I put the eggs in to day at 8:30 a.m. about 15 minutes after they were laid, they were cold since it is wet and cold out today but should be okay.  I ready that a fertile egg will keep for 2 weeks as long as they are kept between 45 degrees, and 65 degrees.  They were between that.  I put in 4 duck eggs and 3 chicken eggs.

The incubator was warm but I have to get it warmer.  i have heard and been told several different temperatures for incubation.  I have heard between 99.5 and 101 F.  I have it at 95 and holding, the humidity should be between 50 and 60 % which I don't know but I am staying around 55 to 58%.  The should hatch on November 7 or 8 th for the chicken eggs, and the 14 or 15th for the duck eggs.  Lets see how this goes.  I have to turn them 3 times a day so first thing in the morning about 2 in the afternoon or 3, and when ever I go to bed.  Lets see.

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