Sunday, October 30, 2011

Incubation Day 13

Well it is incubation Day 13 for Molly and Baby, and the 3 chicken eggs.  I have to stop turning the chicken eggs in 5 days.  That is what I have read you have to stop turning them 3 days before they hatch.  I don't think i am as excited over the chicken eggs because they are brown eggs and I can't see anything when they are candled.  Now the duck eggs I can see what is in the and I find it more exciting being able to watch them grow and letting the kids see them when we candle them.  The kids love to look at them and I do have to keep them away from the incubator sometimes because they want to look all the time at them.  I can't wait until my chickens start to lay eggs because i want to hatch them out so the lady that gave me the duck eggs can get some of my chickens.  Plus we are going to try hatching Turkeys next year so that should be good to that would save us about $200 dollars for just Thanksgiving and $200 for Christmas and I would be able to make some money by selling the turkeys if I can get them to live.  This year started out really bad, but it is starting to look up things are getting better, maybe this means next year is going to be a great year.  Couple more months and we will find out.

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