Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Incubation Day 15

I am getting very antsy,  I have chicken eggs due in 5 days and duck eggs are due in 13 days.  Now I know I should be excited to see the chicken eggs hatch but they are brown eggs and there is nothing wrong with hatching brown eggs but I can't seem to candle them and see anything.  People keep telling me that you can candle them and see if there is anything in them but I guess I am just not doing it right.  Now the duck eggs the kids can see this actually growing in them and they can't wait to see the baby ducks.  My daughter who is 5 years old asked me today when she got home from school if she could crack the egg and get the baby duck out, I told her no hunny it will come out as soon as she is ready.  Got to love the mind of a child.  We have 2 ducks due on the 23rd to and the third egg I don't think it was fertile.

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