Saturday, November 5, 2011

Incubation Day 19

Well I put a golf ball in one of the nest boxes that looks like it is being used more then the rest.  Someone said to try it might trick them in to laying an egg.  At this point I am willing to try anything because they are six months old and I want eggs.  We have a variety of hens and a rooster and i am wanting to incubate some of my eggs so I can see what I get.  Plus the lady that is giving me the duck eggs to incubate is trading me the duck eggs for some of my chicken eggs, well I have to hatch the chicken eggs out first she wants some of my babies.  We are doing a trade off.  I have 2 days left.  I am so excited I have been checking my eggs ever few hours and nothing is happening yet and I am so scared that something might happen to my little babies.  I will feel better once they have hatched and are dry and eating and drinking.  Pictures coming of there birth and there first few hours.

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