Saturday, November 19, 2011


I am going to stop putting the days on here since we are incubating so many eggs.  I have 2 that are due in a couple more days, well actually next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.  I am getting very excited again I am really hoping that at least on of the baby ducks hatch out.  I am starting to feel like a failure.  I only have a 25% hatch rate as of right now.  My poor little Julia is so lonely in the brooder that all she does is cheep even with a mirror in the box.  I would love to give her a friend to cuddle with, play with, eat with and just grow up with someone.  I would hate for her to be alone the rest of her life until she is big enough to go in with the rest of the chickens but then she is still going to be alone since we don't have any more chicks going to hatch until December, and if they don't make it.  I hope i can give her a friend.

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