Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Incubation Day 16

Okay well just an update and some pictures.  We figured out how to candle a dark brown egg.  Those little LED flash lights you get at the auto parts store for a couple dollars, take that and make sure it has new batteries in it because it has to be as bright as you can get it, and a paper towel or toilet paper ring from the middle, that card board tube.  You will need a room that is completely black or a big think blanket over yard head.  Put the flashy light at one end of the tube and the egg at the other end on its side and it will let you see what is in the egg.  Mind you the veins may be a little hard to see when they first start since the egg is brown.  I am not sure what to look for first since my eggs are suppose to hatch in about 5 days and all I can see is a couple veins and some movement and a big dark spot where the chick is.  Yes hold still and you will see them move sometimes.
This is a chicken egg.  Yes there is a chicken in there but the shell is a real dark brown but it look kind of like the other one this is the half of the shell that he hasn't filled up yet you can see some of the veins.

This is the duck egg that we put in there last Wednesday and is due the 23rd.

This is the duck egg due the 14th.

This is the duck egg due the 23rd.

This is the chicken egg and you can see where is has filled the other side of the egg up.

The duck egg due the 14th.

8 30 p.m.

Well the day is over, time for bed and maybe I will be able to hear a peeping in the morning from the little chicken eggs.  Wouldn't it be nice to hear that.  Only 5 days left, I can see them moving so I should be able to hear them soon.  I am now very excited for the chicken eggs to hatch out since now I can actually see inside the egg.  I wish I would have figured that out sooner.  I don't think we are going to do anymore chicken eggs until mine start to lay eggs.  The lady I get the duck eggs from and the chicken eggs want some meat chickens so we will probably stop with her eggs until my lay.  I think I am going to get 4 duck eggs every week once we figure out if the ones from the week before are growing or not.  Because now it is 2 chicken eggs due the 7th, 2 duck eggs due the 14th, 2 ducks due the 23rd, the eggs we put in today are due the week after that on the 30th.  We next week we will know if the eggs are going to hatch and we will get rid of the ones that aren't going to and probably put 4 more in there, that morning.  

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